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xe-install-supplemental-pack change in 6.5 SP1 breaks install of existing supplemental packs



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    • Affects Version/s: 6.5 SP1
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      XenServer 6.5 ships with a command "/opt/xensource/bin/xe-install-supplemental-pack" that will take a vendor supplied supplemental pack and install it. This script has changed with the release of SP1, and now attempts to call a different executable to install the supplemental pack, which means it breaks the ability to install previously built supplemental packs that installed just fine on 6.5 prior to SP1.

      The previous version of the script called "./install.sh", while the new version calls "./install" instead. The problem here is that on previously existing supplemental packs, the newly named installation script doesn't exist, so the install just fails. It looks like this is the commit that introduced the change:


      So anyway, I can understand wanting to switch from "install.sh" to just "install"...the problem I have is that it seems strange to willfully break all existing supplemental packs and require them to be rebuilt by the distributor right in the middle of a release when you release SP1. Wouldn't it make more sense to roll this commit forward to the next major/minor release, and in the meantime conditionalize this call in SP1? Something simple like:

      if [ -x ./install ]; then
      elif [ -x ./install.sh ]; then

      would seem to be the friendly/backwards compatible way to handle this mid-stream.

      Just for a little more info, in 6.5, the "/opt/xensource/bin/xe-install-supplemental-pack" command does not appear to be provided by any RPM/package, where as in 6.5 SP1, it is now provided by the xapi-core-0.2-6786 RPM.

      Any other info you would like that I can provide here?




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