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Memory management




      I am not sure if I included the right categories but I will try to explain and maybe someone can help recategorize this

      I have been working with Xenserver since version 5.5 and I am a big fan, moved a large infrastructure from Vsphere Esentials Plus to Xenserver at my previous job.

      Memory has been a problem on all of my deployments (had to work with existing infrastructure most of the time).

      At this moment xenserver does not offer enough at this department, either it is there but it is not documented enough or it is not there at all, I will try to explain including the present features as well:

      • Memory ballooning: it is present and we can see it in the current implementation of DMC, although some performance metrics for this would be nice
      • Memory deduplication: according to http://support.citrix.com/article/CTX123996 it seems to be present but if we follow the link in the FAQ to the Administration guide there is no mention of it, is the feature present or not? can we see some statistics for it?
      • Memory compression: does not seem to be present at all or is it? Is it planned in the near future or not even thought of?
      • Memory pagging(aka swap): does not seem to be present but it seem that xen has something on this called xenpaging that is not enough tested, but could potentially be a good start.

      Maybe at least the easier to implement/document could be addressed in Dundee.
      I can help with testing inside a home nested virtualization environment.

      Thank you




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