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Critical: Xenserver unable to boot after restart following installation of patch XS72E013



    • Type: Bug
    • Status: Done (View Workflow)
    • Priority: Blocker
    • Resolution: Done
    • Affects Version/s: 7.2
    • Fix Version/s: 7.3
    • Component/s: other
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    • Environment:
      • Dell R710 Server 
      • Vendor: GenuineIntel Model: Intel(R) Xeon(R) CPU E5630 @ 2.53GHz Speed: 2532 MHz
      • Xenserver 7.2


      After installing patch XS72E013 via xencenter yesterday, after the automatic restart by xencenter to complete the patch the server was unable to boot successfully back into xenserver anymore. No hardware issues, the server automatically "cold boots" around 10 seconds after the xenserver splash screen shows and continues this cycle indefinately. 

      On the grub screen the only options that boots is if we use the older kernel version (not sure the exact item name but it's right below booting in safe mode. The server then boots fine into xenserver. As this is a production machine we have no option but to now run the server in this mode until a fix is available.

      When we attempt to use xenserver in serial mode (option 2 in grub) the server also cold boots moments after the xenserver splash screen and safe mode "hangs" the server after what appears the firewall was initiated. 

      As the server cold boots its difficult for us to precisely say at what line (or output if we press escape during the splash screen) the server last completes before the server boots but after quick inspection it appears to cold boot after "resetting logs" or something similiar. 

      Note that this host have no prior issue, I have verified in the management portal and there is no hardware related concerns and prior to the patch installation worked for years without any issue.

      I have been advised by a forum user to open a bug report here and was indicated that this may be related to another issue you are currently experiencing with this patch. 

      The only thing that may be out of the ordinary is that during the patch installation we did not do it in the correct order (accidentally) so the previous patch installed on the server was  XS72E009 (and XE72E012) November 2017. I am not sure if this issue may be related to incorrectly patching the server but if it does then I would believe we should have been prompted onscreen prior to the patch installing?

      Lastly, as we're unable to not have the server run, the 3 VM's currently on the server is running in the older kernel boot option. Are there any concerns we should be aware of running them in this state? 

      As the server is now booted in the older kernel version please let me know what logs we can provide for assistance. I have checked the boot.log file but this only appears to keep logs of the most recent boot log (which is the successful one with the older kernel) - I am not sure which logs would be required so please let me know.

      Thank you in advance!




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