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Installation process led user to wipe external hard disk unwantedly



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      A user reported to us what we first thought to be an installer bug, but actually is related to user confusion induced by the installer UI: https://github.com/xcp-ng/xcp/issues/442


      The user had an internal 30 GB device for the installation and booted from an external hard disk (with CD emulation).

      They expected to install on the 30 GB device, not knowing that it was too small.


      • The installer found only one disk suitable for installation, so it did not display the disk selection dialog: it selected the external hard disk transparently.
      • The it displayed the local SR disk(s) selection. Many users, at this stage, believe that they are actually selecting the installation target!
      • Then it's only many screens after that users are warned: "Please confirm you wish to proceed: all data on disks sda and sdb will be destroyed!". At that point, the user did not realize that it would wipe the external hard disk, because they were convinced that they only had selected sda, and the previous steps had not hinted that sdb would be the installation target.

      Improvement suggestions:

      • When there are several disks but only one is suitable for installation, don't skip the target selection screen entirely: instead, replace it with a notice telling the user that only one suitable disk has been found and which and let them either confirm or give up.
      • Reword the Local SR selection screen in a way that makes it obvious even to new users, not familiar with the concept of SR and VM storage, what they are doing.




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